Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Who attracts the female Capricorn first?

What zodiac sign is the female Capricorn drawn to romantically at first? 

Let's just pretend that all the males look the same and that this is just purely based on first impression and personality. 


The fire Aries has a bit of a 'show off' personality which is exactly what respells the Capricorn from trusting the Aries or even being attracted to the Aries. 


As nice and social Gemini can be, the Capricorn and Gemini just don't gel together. There are too many differences socially between the two that they just don't appreciate one another.


The slight arrogance of Leo will start to annoy Capricorn. While they just both expect different things from one another and almost always take things in the exact opposite way. They may be drawn to each other's appearance but after a long conversation the romance should have died.


Romantically these two are very different and work at very different speeds. In my opinion it would largely depend on the patience of the Scorpio and the technique he uses. From own experience I've never really been attracted romantically to a Scorpio at first but hey it all depends on the people, right?


Cancer seems too soft for the Capricorn and although the Capricorn loves the Cancer as a friend. The Capricorn just sees no romantic connection at first. They are quite opposite but make great friends.


The charisma of the Libra does attract the Capricorn. The fact that they have so many friends and connections also impress the Capricorn BUT there are other signs which attract the Capricorn more. 


The Aquarius is quite quirky and different and says all the right things to attract the Capricorn. The only problem however is that the Aquarius prefers more open relationships with not much commitment. The Capricorn sees she cannot change the Aquarius and starts to withdraw from their relationship.


The Sagittarius has a humor which really attracts the Capricorn. She is also attracted to his witty comments and ability to make her feel comfortable. The Capricorn however notices that the Sagittarius loves to talk and talk and talk. The Capricorn does get slightly board and they start to notice their differences as they are really searching for completely different types people.


Capricorn is quite drawn to the Pisces imagination and ability to dream and they get along quite well. They have many common interests and love their differences. Quite a good match if they can accept their different views. 


Like looking in a mirror. They reflect what they project to one another. There is a sense of common ground and trust but a bit more like a balancing-act, while they have a sense of one another they both are very weary when it comes to getting to know someone. If there is too much stiffness they won't be able to open up. BUT if they are in a cool, chilled environment they might just get a lot more than what they were looking for and will end up quite attracted towards each other. 


I could not decide between these two. On one hand the Taurus is strong and affectionate while on the other the Virgo calms the Capricorn. It's pretty much a tie. At first these two are the two halves of what the Capricorn looks for. Over time I suspect the Capricorn will be more attracted to the Virgo but at first they both have equal opportunity to win the Capricorn's heart. It all comes down to what the Capricorn prefers more, a friendship kind of love with insane attraction or a fun love with care and lots of understanding and a few differences and lots of humor that might just attract each other more to one another. But I'll leave which ever one up to you to figure out.

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