Friday, 22 May 2015

Have You Been Friend-Zoned By Your Capricorn?

Are you in the friend-zone?

A Capricorn's feelings are not as obvious as most other zodiac signs. This is with good reason as they are always calculating, trying to put their emotions into a designated box. This means that you probably have been friend-zoned from the start. While this may sound very scary, this actually often changes for a Capricorn. Surprisingly the Capricorn isn't very good at acknowledging their feelings. They would more often underestimate the amount of attraction they feel for you just to protect themselves. This is linked to the idea that they prefer to be completely certain of compatibility before they jump into a relationship or even admitting they have feelings for you. 

It probably doesn't help that she enjoys to have fun and is probably very flirtatious with everyone. Sometimes this is because she doesn't know how she feels but most of the time she just loves to show people her fun,witty side.

Capricorns are very slow at relationships. This is because they are quite private people and to acquire feelings for you means that they would have to open up to you. Often it takes being friends with a Capricorn for a relationship to form. The friend-zone shouldn't be that scary and while one would think when the Capricorn makes up her mind that it is final but when it come to relationships she has no idea.

With that being said often the Capricorn is very good at knowing from the start whether she will get along with you. So if you aren't friends then that's more of a indication that there will never be anything between you two. Being friends means the Capricorn actually likes you in some way, it just might take a while for her to know in what way.

How to get out of the friend-zone

Since there is no clear distinction between friends and relationships for a Capricorn, getting out of the friend-zone is quite easy.

It is essential to know that she doesn't want to be rushed. Don't act to quick on developing something. She will get scared and start to avoid you. Capricorn's think relationships are scary, especially if she's not sure how she feels. She needs to warm up to the idea of opening up. She needs to consider all the pros and cons and make a calculated response.

Show her all the reasons she would be good with you. This would be the perfect time to show her what you have in common. Talk about the future, Capricorns love to speak about their future. Show her your ambitious side, this is a big requirement a Capricorn has for their partner. Make her laugh, if you've already gotten this close to her it'll be easier to get even closer. Humor is the easiest way to get close to a Capricorn.

Is it too late?

Even though this area is very grey for a Capricorn, they can classify you as a platonic friend. This means that the Capricorn is completely sure that you will never be anything more than friends.

Signs that you've been in the no-return-friend-zone are:
  • The Capricorn will speak about the future without any possibility of you and her being together. For example if a Capricorn speaks about the type of person she wants to be with and you're not that type and she's hinted that you're not like that.
  • The Capricorn only talks to you about one thing the whole time. She probably has no interest in developing anything further than what she has with you now.
  • She has someone else. Capricorns are very loyal and will not cheat or develop relationships that mean anything more than friendship if they are in a relationship.
  • The Capricorn doesn't seem worried about her looks around you. She cares what she looks like when she's around someone she kind of likes.

Since this is a strange area for a Capricorn don't over-think any signs or lack thereof. The probability is greater that you're not in the friend-zone than actually being friend-zoned.